One of the various jobs that I held before earning my college degrees came about when my future husband joined the Los Angeles Police Department. It prompted me to take the job of clerk-typist at the Department’s Records and Identification Division, and later, at their Harbor Division station in San Pedro, CA. 

While my husband attended the police academy, the department held a meeting for the families of the recruits. That’s when I learned that 75% of police marriages end in divorce. (Unfortunately, that percentage seems to have proven true among our police friends who are on their 2nd and 3rd marriages.)




I was only with the department for about 3 years, but it was an invaluable experience in many ways. It certainly provided source material for HARBOR BLUES. But more than that, I believe that my time on the job was instrumental in giving my husband and myself a common bond through-out our long marriage.


I'm not sure I would’ve been able to deal with the adversities that police spouses have to endure if I hadn’t worked in the Harbor Division Record Unit.



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