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               in e-book and paperback

Carly’s plans to spend her graduation summer with her friends at their favorite nearby San Diego beach are no more. The recent death of the father she never knew, prompts his relatives to invite her to a family reunion in central New York. It's the last place she wants to be.

While there, she hears about Tina, her nineteen-year-old great grandmother who is forced to suspend her dream of a career in New York City to care for her widowed father and siblings during the 1930’s depression. Their saga comes alive for Carly when she is drawn into the family struggles of an era so different than her own.


Tina's Italian immigrant family lives on the south side of a small town, that is rife with prejudice and political corruption. Their lives take a tragic turn when a boy drowns, and another is injured while swimming in dangerous local waterways. The incidents incite contention within the town, and lead to violence and murder that threaten Tina’s family and friends.


With a love story as an anchor, Legacy at Liberty Lake reveals the spirit and passion of a family and a neighborhood’s determination to grab a piece of the American Dream.

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