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I was born in central New York. The daughter of 1st generation Italian-Americans, I was surrounded by relatives and their traditions. At 6 years old my parents and I ventured out of our comfort zone and moved to Southern California. With the exception of a few short returns to New York, I grew up a California girl.


Eventually I married another east coast transplant who achieved his dream of being an officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. After losing my leg from a blood clot while pregnant, we adopted a beautiful baby girl, who is now married. In the meantime, I received a B.A. in English, and M.A. in Instructional Technology from California State University Long Beach.


Before becoming a full time writer, I was a bank and police clerk, high school teacher, video producer, and college librarian. All of which have been fodder for my stories of women balancing career with family, friends, and leisure.


Since publishing my first novel, IMPERFECT HARMONY, I suffered more severe blood clots and lost my right arm. I’ve spent the last two years recovering, and managed to complete my second manuscript, LEGACY AT LIBERTY LAKE.

When not writing I enjoy watching classic movies (I’m a movie buff), going to theater and sporting events, reading, and travel.


Writing fiction is always a way to express my feelings about my experiences and issues that are near and dear to me. As a result, my stories feature characters confronting pain, insecurity, poverty, marriage, identity issues, prejudice, love, loss, and success. They are set in the present, and in the past, and include portions of autobiographical material.


Hope you enjoy them, Cheryl

2010 - present

2010 - present

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