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Available in paperback and e-book

I became a below-knee amputee in my twenties, while pregnant with my first child. It was a life-altering experience, that has evolved over the past thirty years. Unlike many news stories about amputees often imply, recovery from such an event does not happen overnight. Because of this, my purpose for writing this book was to convey that message, by sharing the issues that many women amputees experience on their road to a productive and fulfilling life.

Although after my amputation and miscarriage I went on to adopt a baby girl, earn a master's degree, teach high school, and work as a librarian, as well as play golf, I didn't have any interest in writing my own story. Rather, I created a protagonist that I thought would be more fun to read and write about. Her circumstances differ from mine, but she has to work through the same "process" that I did as she struggles to regain her self-confidence within a "new body."


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