World War II

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A decades old cold murder case. A fed-up LAPD cop's wife. A fresh homicide. All collide amid a sea of blackmail and murder.

A 24 year-old unsolved murder case re-surfaces when Melanie, wife of the next chief of the L.A. Police Department, inherits her estranged father's seaside bar. She swore she'd never set foot in the place again after moving out. But decides to re-open the bar, hoping to reconcile her feelings of anger and guilt and regret toward her father.

Instead she is forced to confront those emotions again when her alluring bartender seduces her detective son and reveals a tie to Melanie's past. Soon after, a recent killing is linked to the cold case, setting Melanie and her son on a path to find the truth. But the story takes a different course and spins out of control...Forever changing their family's lives.



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       What a wonderful story ! I could not put the book down"       

                                 Stephanie T. Kane, Amazon Review   *****


I couldn't put it down plus twists and turns I didn't expect made it enjoyable. Very enjoyable and inspirational to work hard.   Victoria Carol ****

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